Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here I Am Again

Once again, I'm sticking a timid toe back into the pool of blogging.

But...very carefully, and hopefully wisely, this time.

Last time I kept a blog, I found out that I don't swim {read: juggle lots of interests} very well.

I don't want to drown again :)

But, I have a great reason for showing up to the pool again. I'm not even worried about my bright white legs and little bit of baby belly pooch I got going on here. I've got bigger things on my mind this time.

Can't wait to share with new and old friends the things that are happening here at our Castle in the Kingdom.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the party I forgot! I just added it!

  2. Thank you, sweet Love! If I can ever get a moment, I am going to give this blog the attention it deserves ;)

  3. Wow, your kind words on my blog today totally MADE my DAY--thank you. :-) I look forward to getting to know you here in the blog world...and hearing about your bigger things, too!

    Motherhood (and homeschooling) can be overwhelming at's so nice to be able to connect with online, learn from, giggle with, be inspired by...other like-minded moms!

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