Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dreamin' and Boxes and Such

So- those "bigger things" I mentioned awhile back? I was referring to dreams. Big, huge, dreams..."as huger as a google" to use Belle's (my middle child) current favorite phrase.

Dreams that require me to open the box, take off the lid, and let God out.




So, I'm dreaming...and pondering how these big dreams will be funded. Thinking of opening an Etsy shop, selling the likes of these:

Would you buy one if you knew if would help fund a dream? Would you buy one if you knew it would change lives?

How 'bout if you knew it would encourage a type A, worrywort mama to take the lid off the box?

Huh, huh, so would ya? too.


  1. you know i would!! and i'd tell everyone i know to, too!! =)

  2. That is so stinking cute.

    I found you again, finally.

    I'll bookmark your blog this time. :)